Highlighted Projects

Commercial Well Water Treatment System


This rural retail store required treatment of its well water to remove iron and bacteria plus add disinfection to meet state regulations for a transient, non-community water system serving the public. We worked with the regulatory agency and fast-tracked the design of a system to meet their needs in the smallest footprint possible. 

Home Owners Association Seawalls


This large suburban residential community includes many acres of lakes for both stormwater management and aesthetic purposes. Erosion of the shoreline is an ongoing issue and we've aided the community with updating their construction details and specifications along with inspection during seawall construction. 

Bench Scale Testing


We conducted bench scale laboratory testing of an industrial wastewater to determine the best coagulant to enhance flocculation and ultimately sedimentation for a difficult to treat industrial wastewater. These results were then used in the design of the parallel plate settler to be retrofit into existing tanks to remove physically as much waste as possible prior to their existing biological wastewater treatment process.